Helping rider and horse communicate better!

All riding lessons depend on the individual case by case program, Prices stay constant-

$35 Hourly, Private or Simi private lessons 


2 Lessons a week for 1 month $250* (when paid in advance) 

   The first step- is to create a solid foundation using fundamental ground work. Ground work will include "desensitizing" in which the horse gains confidence and learns how to relax in stressful situations as well as "sensitizing" where they learn to become soft and flexible. Move their feet and follow a light feel from their halter and lead rope. Everything the horse learns on the ground will prepare them to be safe and respectful under saddle.
  Once in the saddle- we use refinement of ground work to teach the horse to be responsive to seat, leg and rein cues while maintaining the horses natural balance. The horse will learn to softly bend and move different parts of their bodyseparate from the rest. This is very important in teaching the horse to perform any maneuver desired whether trail riding or advanced shows.
It is also very important that the owner learns as much as the horse. No training is valuable unless the person working the horse can use it properly. That's why I encourage the owner to come for 1 lesson a week on a finished horse learning the techniques and tools they will need to communicate with their own horse when training is over. This allows the horse and owner to learn together so that they will leave the program on the same page knowing what to expect from each other.
  Our training method is not event, breed, or discipline specific. Overall a horse is a horse and doesn't know if he is a trail or event horse.
Our goal is to create safe, willing horses as well as educated owners on natural horsemanship. 
We would love to help you and your horse accomplish the tallest of dreams. So whether your goals are to show at the highest levels of competition or have a great trusting trail horse our methods are tried and tested to help you and your horse succeed.

Riding lessons

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  The training program we have created combines using all the techniques we have learned over the years and studying many of the natural horsemanship greats, but most of all learning through trial and error of personal experience what works for one horse may not work for another. Using the natural horsemanship methods, and understanding the horses natural way of thinking, moving, and communicating with one another. we are able to teach a horse what we want them to learn and what we are asking them to do without fear, instead we teach them with respect and a gentler technique to make a willing partner.